• Introduction

Domino QQ online is a well known form of poker. It’s relation can be find with a Chinese game named Pai Gow. This game is very popular in Indonesia. This game involves twenty eight dominoes which are equal to small cards of poker. The rules of this game are bit tricky, but once u start playing this game you willl easily learn the rules which makes it fun. You will soon get addicted to this game.


If you have just started playing online games then this game is a better option.

  • Rules of playing domino QQ

There are twenty eight dominoes, which are of card size. They are distributed equally among the players.

All the players have to guve some amount for betting and put it in the pot. The amount is different for every situation, like a high bet, or a low bet situation, or it may vary from location loacation.

Once the betting is amount goes in the pot, the players are given three dominoes each. After this the players have four things to do. Either they bet more, or go for fold, raise, or call.

In the first round, if only one player is paying for bet then the whole amount is given to him without even showing the cards/dominoes. Is there are more than two players than everyone is given the fourth domino, and the other round of betting begins.

At the end of the last round, everyone has to show their cards and the one who’s cards are of highest values gets all the money of the pot.

  • Why is it so popular?

The DominoQQ is a game which is developed online, and this is the reason why it is played the most. The players enjoy playing this game as this game is quite short and if by chance you win then you are lucky. The game is very interesting in the start, and the firsr round passes by fast if every player folds except one. And the one who didn’t fold wins the round.

DominoQQ is a game whih is acquired more by online casinos rather than the traditional casinos. And it is most acquired by Indonesian casinos, as it is the favourite and most played game of Indonesia.

The onemore reason for the popularity of this game is that the chances of winning of the players are very high. Means, the game icludes three or four players at a time, this increases the chances of winning of a player by twenty five precent.

These are the reasons why this game is popular, though it will remain much popular in Indonesia as it is the most played and popular game there.

  • Conclusion

When you know the rules, you can easily play the game. And once you know how to play then it will become so much fun! You can also tell about this gane to your friends, and make them play. This game is eay to learn and in short time will make you addicted to it.