How much do you know about BlackJack?

BlackJack has two variants: European and American. The table, bets and the objective of the game are practically the same.The table on which BlackJack is played has a semicircular shape, in which up to 7 players can be accommodated, in front of which is a dealer. Click here for Poker Online.

In BlackJack each player plays against the bench. The objective is to add, at least 21 points or the value closest to 21, that the dealer. In BlackJack, the value of the cards is: from 2 to 10 the cards have that value, the figures (J, Q, K) are 10 and the AS can be 1 or 11, depending on the player’s convenience.

BlackJack is the maximum move, when the player receives, on his two initial cards, the exact sum of 21: an AS and a 10 or a figure (J, Q, K.)

To start the game each player must make his initial bet, the dealer announces that “no more” to close the bets and start the deal of the cards. The dealer will deliver two cards, uncovered, to each player and one to himself, of course uncovered. The dealer will give way to the first player located furthest to his left to make his move, then the next and so on until finally he will make his move. Visit this site for Poker Online.

How much do you know about BlackJack?

Players who earn more than 21 points lose their bet. Those who tie with the dealer, recover their bet. BlackJack wins 3 X 2 and the players who are closer to 21 points than the dealer win 1 X 1.

Each player will have one turn to play their hand. On your turn you can:

Request card

The player can request the cards he wants, as long as his hand does not exceed 21 points. If upon receiving a card your hand exceeds 21 points, the dealer will collect the cards and the bet made.


The bettor can stand at the time he wants to.


Which refers to doubling the bet. You can only do this when you receive the initial letters. The bettor must place a bet equal to the initial, when he does, he will receive only one more card. In some casinos it is allowed to double the bet only if the starting hand adds up to 9, 10 or 11.


If the two initial cards have a value of 10. The bettor can “separate” the hand and play them independently, for which he must make a bet equal to the initial, and thus, have two hands that he will play independently. If you receive 21 points when you receive the additional cards, it is not considered BlackJack. If the two separate cards are ASES, a single card will be dealt to each hand.

Insurance bet

If the dealer receives an AS on his opening card, he will offer bettors before giving way to the game the opportunity to make an insurance bet. Thus, the player secures a possible BlackJack from the dealer, the bet must be a maximum of half the initial bet. If the dealer gets BlackJack, he pays each “insured” player double. If it fails, collect insurance bets.

This is the European BlackJack. In the American, the dealer receives two opening cards, one of them covered.