Making your deposits in online based casinos

To earn money in an online casino, you have no choice but to deposit money to credit your player account and thus play in real mode. We remind you that if you play in demo mode, also called fun mode, then you do not win any winnings, it must be clear in your minds. Click here for bandarq.

Choose your method

You actually need to choose your deposit method. Once you have selected this one, you can of course use it in all online establishments and nothing prevents you from modifying it afterwards. Just try to use a method that is in accordance with your principles and especially one that you have available quickly. Visit this site for bandarq.

The credit card

It is the most used method nowadays, quite simply because in Western Europe, well the bank card is everywhere, in almost all the wallets of Europeans. In casinos, you can use the VISA brand or Mastercard, which are the world leaders at this level, you also sometimes have the American Express, but it is already rarer.

You will only have to enter the numbers of your card, the name of the holder which must absolutely be yours, we will remind you, and then the security code, then you select an amount and then you validate. It will only take a few seconds for the transaction to be completed.


Then you have the Neteller electronic wallet. You will have to register on the internet for Neteller to create your account. Then, you have only one thing to do, it is to verify your identity by sending the supporting documents requested such as for example a copy of your identity card, and then also an invoice proving your address. Once this is done, then you will be able to credit this Neteller account and then go to the casino cashier. From there, you will only have to enter your Neteller customer number and the amount you wish to transfer to the casino.


Do you want to pay securely with PayPal? However, make sure that the casino you choose accepts this payment method. The customer protection system implemented by PayPal is a good thing for players, and it is undoubtedly a secure payment method suitable for online casinos. So,there are many online establishments which uses PayPal, you just need to find those casinos. Indeed, if you already have a PayPal account with a linked credit card, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.